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Paul Mandala

I first heard about the Pan American Highway years ago while I biking from Rhode Island to California with a group called Bike and Build. The Pan American was described to me as the greatest of adventures and not for the faint of heart. It is the ultimate bike tour that only the most daring people dream about. I knew that I would never forget the idea of such a journey and I have continued to talk about going for years with anyone who would listen. The majority think the trip is crazy, so it’s been difficult to find anyone who would contemplate the idea, let alone find another crazy enough to come with me. But I have to go. Although I am starting this trip alone, it is my hope that people will join me along the way. For some it will only be a few hours, others a few days, and maybe there will even be a few awesome people who will even come out for a few weeks or months. The moments shared will be, by far, my best ones – I hope you consider joining me.

- Paul


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