The Adventures of Paul Mandala

I believe that within every person there is a lust for exploration, adventure and mystery; a need to venture into the unknown and seek out life’s wild and powerful essence. I have innately had the strong desire to test the limits of my body and mind for as long as I could remember, and as a result have accomplished great feats. My mind was opened to a world more intense, rough and yet serene than I could have ever imagined when I biked across the USA, hiked the Appalachian Trail, explored the wilderness of Australia, biked over 10,000 miles of the Pan American Highway from Alaska to Panama, and lived on the smallest inhabited Atoll in the world. Words will never be able to describe the things I saw, the physical tests I endured or the inspiring people I met, but I will do my best to share these stories, because they are real and worth sharing. I had dreams and I took them into the palm of my hand and lived them, I have no regrets, only more dreams and more hope, as my wanderlust has only begun.

I had come to realize that there is no perfect time for a trip like the ones I underwent.  There is never an easy time to walk away from your life. I will never be in the perfect shape, will never have enough money, nor enough time off. But now is the time! The first step, simply starting, is the hardest.  If it’s something important, something that truly resonates with you, then you make time, find the money, and get in shape as you go. So I made the time and I left, and now its time for new journeys and new tests of strength and will, because there is so much more of the world to be discovered; so many new people to meet from all walks of life.


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